Flue Flap Installation

DSC 1949 300x200 - Flue Flap Installation

Installing Your Flue Flap

We are the chosen canvas tent flue flap installation company for Bell Tent Boutique offering choice of the location of your flue flap and are now in 2018 we are offering the same service direct to the end user.  Over the last 2 years we have installed more than 500 flue flaps in a wide variety of tents for customers Europe wide.  We know how to make a strong fire resistant flap and install them in a way which keeps your tent water tight.

Where to Install Your Flap

We require our customers to erect your tent, line up your stove and clearly mark the panel which you want the fire resistant flap installing, preferably with a sticker or add a label to a tab.

Your fire resistant flap must be installed in the centre of a canvas panel in order to keep the tent strong with the stove positioned at least 50cm away from the canvas wall.

Majority of the flap is installed on the inside of your tent with the bottom of the flap overlapping the canvas of your tent in such a way that the bottom of the flap is externally installed, as water runs from top to bottom, it cannot nestle in the flap, ceiling / wall of the canvas or drip inside.

The flap is stuck in place (the glue also helps seal the needle hole made by the sewing machine), then sewn into place with thread which swells when wet to fill the hole left by the needle. After the flue flap has been installed it is treated with our natural sealant to keep the weather out and posted back to you.


It is important to remember couriers charge by weight of the parcel, as well as it’s size, we only require the canvas element of your tent, pegs, poles the groundsheet will only add to the weight of your parcel.  Sending it in a box is stronger as bags can be pierced through if not handled correctly, we aim to complete your tent flap within 2 weeks of receiving it.

When sending us your tent, we advise that, on average we receive dozens of tents per week, please clearly label your tent when sending it to us so we can easily match your item with our correspondence.

For more information please call 0115 9581982 or email info@trentcovers.co.uk