Canvas Tent Repair and Weatherproofing

bell tent - Canvas Tent Repair and Weatherproofing

Expert Repair Service

From glamping to scout tents, yurts, marquees and tipi’s   we patch tears, holes and weak areas in all types of canvas tent,  with our mould and mildew treated fire resistant market leading canvas, sewn with thread that swells when wet to fill holes left by the needle on our sewing machines, minimising the risk of small leaks.  We then seal the sewing with our natural sealant to keep all moisture out.

When under tension zips, eyelets, tabs and fittings can bend out of place, maybe even break entirely, we can replace these like for like giving your tent a new lease of life.

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What You Need To Do Before Sending

When we repair your tent the first thing we have to do is spread your tent out on our work surfaces and locate the repair, if we are looking for a small tear, this is easy to find when your tent is erected, but sometimes, not so straight forward when pulled out flat, if it is a small repair you require, please include instructions on where it is located, as we have to add time taken onto the final bill.

On average we receive dozens of tents per week, please also clearly label your tent when sending so we can easily identify your item with our previous correspondence.


DSC 1955 300x200 - Canvas Tent Repair and Weatherproofing


The top peaks where poles nestle often receive the most wear and tear over the years, we can remove old torn peak cloths, whether inside or out, then re inforce and replace, making your peak at least as strong as when it was new.


DSC 1928 300x200 - Canvas Tent Repair and Weatherproofing


DSC 1934 300x200 - Canvas Tent Repair and Weatherproofing


The suns harmful ultra violet rays eventually degrade everything exposed to it, it can reduce the lifespan of your tent by as much as two thirds, we strongly recommend re proofing your tent annually to protect the canvas from the sun.  We off a proofing service and sell the market leading product, which can be sprayed or painted on.

Winter Service and Storage

We can care for your items both for businesses and individuals by inspecting, repairing if necessary, washing, re proofing, drying and then storing your tent in the correct manner until the spring, giving you peace of mind the first time you use your tent, it will be in the best possible shape.


Customers nationwide use couriers to deliver their items to us, we photograph before, after and deliver back anywhere in the UK mainland within a week from receiving your item.

For information please call 01949 358110 or email